Sunday, January 22, 2012

BC2012: How to be a Better Person by Seb Hunter

Though the title suggests otherwise, this is not a self-help book. Rather, it is a memoir of Hunter's experiences volunteering for various charitable and/or non-profit organizations in the U.K. The results are mixed but always entertaining.

While Oxfam is known in the U.S. for their catalogs featuring agricultural donations for the Third World, in the U.K. they also operate thrift shops akin to our Salvation Army. Hunter begins his quest working there and moves on to assisting the elderly in a computer lab, checking out police stations to insure that prisoners are treated properly, helping out at a homeless shelter, counseling immigrants seeking to become legal workers, and more. He ultimately decides volunteering is worthwhile, but this book shows that just as in paying work, one may have to search a bit to find the right direction.

I don't think I recognized the author's name when I bought this at Half Price Books last year, but one of his books, a heavy metal memoir called Hell Bent for Leather, has been on my shelf of unread books since 2007 (from my legendary Powell's book-buying orgy). Stay tuned...

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