Sunday, January 08, 2012

BC2012: Bad for the Jews by Scott Sherman

Subtitled "Jews in the News who Embarrass the Tribe", Bad for the Jews begins by poking fun at some successful but mildly annoying Jews like Barbra Streisand and Jerry Bruckheimer and gradually works its way up to real bastards like Michael Savage and Bernie Madoff. It's an entertaining journey written by a Jew mostly for other Jews. There's a bit too much Yiddish for the average Gentile, far beyond mensch and putz. Come to think of it, as in the previous sentence, half the Yiddish words I know are synonyms for penis. Anyway, although I would have enjoyed it more if I were Jewish (I even saw it on the Hanukkah table at one Barnes & Noble!), I still enjoyed reading it aloud to my wife using my best "old Jewish guy" impersonation and we both got some laughs out of it.

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