Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Obama is a cracker!"

I was driving down Irving Park Road yesterday afternoon, and at the intersection with Lincoln and Damen there were two guys (at least) walking between cars and wearing anti-Obama protest messages. On one guy's back was the title statement, "Obama is a cracker!"

Now I don't really care whether you agree with that assertion (I have my doubts), but the point is that it was Christmas Eve. Even the atheists among us can appreciate that one of the nice things about Christmas, traditionally, was that, if only for a couple of days, we all got a vacation from that kind of bullshit. All that political crap was set aside on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and everybody at least pretended to get along. Heck, almost 100 years ago, even the soldiers fighting World War I took a break for Christmas!

UPDATE 12/30/2011 - Further research says that these guys were probably Larouchies. Ugh.

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