Friday, December 16, 2011

Google's Browser Party is Over

Google Chrome is losing some of its appeal:
[StatCounter] says Chrome topped Internet Explorer 8 in the last week of November, when Chrome took 23.6 percent of the global market and IE8 took 23.5 percent.
But maybe not quite yet:
Of course, if you combine all of the versions of Internet Explorer, it's still the browser champ. And in the United States, Internet Explorer is still on top, with 27 percent of the market.
This is not some silly, trendy hipster thing where something becomes uncool just because it's widely accepted. The problem is this: Internet Explorer has attracted more hackers and virus writers than any other browser because it was so popular (ditto for the Windows operating system). That's why Microsoft has to issue patches every week or two -- because somebody has found and exploited some obscure fault in IE's code.

Competing browsers have been inherently more secure because there are fewer bad guys out there trying to compromise them. Now that Chrome is overtaking IE, we can expect that it will be targeted much more in the future. Of course, it may turn out that Chrome is written better than IE and therefore less vulnerable, but we won't know for sure until the hackers take their best shot.

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