Monday, November 14, 2011

The Bears' Biggest Fan?

Something odd happened while I was watching the Bears-Lions game Sunday at the local bar & grill.

A guy sat at the table next to me and started watching the game. He ordered a drink and said his wife would be there soon. She showed up a few minutes before Devin Hester -- the NFL's all-time leader in returning punts for touchdowns -- returned yet another Lions punt for a touchdown. When Hester scored, the guy's wife went nuts. She jumped up, hooted, hollered, and clapped. There were only about 20 people in the place since it's not really a "sports bar", and only a couple of other patrons clapped or yelled. She was by far the most exuberant.

Later in the game, Hester returned another punt for decent yardage and the crowd at Soldier Field roared even though he didn't score like he had earlier. As the camera followed Hester after the play, the woman asked her husband, "Is this guy, like, a big star or something?"

From the way she had cheered earlier, I really would have expected her to know one of the most famous players on the team. Weird.

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