Monday, November 14, 2011

Bastard of the Day

Remember in high school how you hated the jocks because they always got away with stuff? Like teachers would let them slide on a late assignment, or they could elbow you into a locker in the hallway and never get busted for it? It was bad enough that they always got the cutest girls, went to the best parties, and so on, but the utter injustice of how jocks were held to a lower standard was especially infuriating to "the rest of us" (dare I say the 99 percent?).

Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions is that prick star quarterback from your high school. In yesterday's Bears game, he practically tried to rip cornerback D.J. Moore's head off, and yet Moore got ejected from the game while that curly-locked, purple-lipped bastard QB got to stay in the game with no punishment.*

So what did Stafford have to say for himself? "(Moore) kind of blocked me and I was just trying to get him off of me the best I knew how."

What kind of bullshit explanation is that? Stafford grabbed Moore by the helmet and threw him to the ground. Oh, did I forget to mention that he outweighs Moore by 50 freaking pounds? And that's the best way he knew how to counteract Moore's block? Maybe Stafford should have stayed in college for his senior year and learned something about physics.

I know the NFL is a quarterback's league these days, and the rules have been adjusted to afford them greater protection. But there is nothing in the rules that says quarterbacks can or should get away with that kind of thuggish aggression. The NFL could try to make this right by at least fining Stafford after reviewing the weekend's games, but I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE 11/18/2011 - Well, I'll be damned -- the NFL actually fined Stafford for trying to remove Moore's head from his body. Of course, it was only half as much as Moore got fined, but it's more than I expected.

* Lions fans will point out that Moore was ejected for the retaliatory "late hit" on Stafford, but that hit did not endanger Stafford the way Stafford's thuggery could have very seriously injured Moore (i.e., a spinal cord injury). If the referees chose to merely charge Moore with the penalty, that would be reasonable, but to eject Moore and do nothing to Stafford was ridiculous.

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