Monday, August 22, 2011

Stuff I Hate

This is the first of a potentially long (practically endless?) string of blog entries about people, places, and things that I despise...

I hate parents who aren't environmentalists. I try to do most of the right things. I recycle, I turn off the water while I brush my teeth, and I don't pour used motor oil down the sewer. But every so often I ask myself why I bother. Most of the bad shit that could happen to the Earth is projected, even in worst-case scenarios, to happen sometime after I'm dead. I don't have any kids. So why am I bothering to be "green"? It must be for your fucking kids, you resource-hogging, Hummer-driving, teabagging, EPA-hating, climate-change-denying, Republican assholes!

Seriously, if you have children, how can you not care about the world you're going to leave for them and perhaps their own children? I mean, I can understand your selfishness in not wanting to waste your time, money, or energy for the benefit of society (isn't that what America in the 21st century is all about?), but how can you screw over your own descendants?

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