Thursday, August 11, 2011

Defending Newsweek

Newsweek magazine is catching a lot of flak this week for their cover photo of Michele Bachmann. Many, including NOW, are calling it sexist because it is supposedly an unflattering photo that makes her look crazy.

But here's the problem with that criticism: Bachmann is crazy. She's 100% certified bat-shit nuts. She's a right-wing radical who wants to do things like shut down the EPA, to give just one recent example. Saying a photo makes Bachmann look crazy is like saying a photo makes Lady Gaga look flamboyant. It's not even news, much less a controversy. When I saw the Newsweek cover, my only thought was, Oh, that's Michele Bachmann. I didn't find it the least bit unflattering; that's just who she is. In fact, I give credit to the photographer for capturing her essence so well.


Jen said...

I consider myself a feminist and I had no problem with the photo for the reasons you give. Find me a photo that *doesn't* show her crazy face. I haven't seen one yet, probably because it doesn't exist.

David Johnsen said...

Here is a similar but more thorough blog entry.