Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bastard of the Day

A few times this year, I have had lunch at Philly's Best on Belmont. It's a quick ride on the L, they have great cheese steaks and cheese fries, and they have free refills of Coke. I eat a leisurely meal, sip a few Cokes while I read a book, and get back to the L station within the two-hour transfer window so my trip home only costs 25 cents. It's a little expensive for what it is ($15, not including the L fare), but I go rarely enough that it's a treat. Cheese fries probably shouldn't be a regular part of one's diet anyway. The last time I went there was on my birthday, before I learned of Grandpa's fall.

Today I walked into Philly's Best behind another customer and had to wait in line. Casually looking around the place, my eyes focused on the soda fountain. Sometime since my last visit, something evil had happened. The red and white script logo I've pledged allegiance to for all of my life was gone, replaced by a deep blue background and the single word "Pepsi." Betrayal!

As much as I had been looking forward to their food, I was also looking forward to my favorite drink. So I turned around, walked out, and ate somewhere else -- at a place that serves Coke.

For soft drink treason, today's bastard is Philly's Best. I pray that you fools come to your senses soon and switch back to the real thing.

Slightly off-topic: Seventeen years ago, a co-worker foolishly suggested that I couldn't tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in a blind taste test (remember "The Pepsi Challenge"?). I assured him that I could. He went to all the trouble of setting up the test, but I recognized the first cupful as Pepsi by smell before it even touched my lips!

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Jen said...

So easy to tell Pepsi and Coke apart. I'm pretty sure I could do it by smell as well.

This matter divides restaurant choices in my household. While I enjoy Coke, I love Mt. Dew (and thusly am happy virtually everywhere with my soda options). However, J.R. loves Coke and despises Pepsi and all their products (unless Dr. Pepper is an option). It can get ugly.