Saturday, July 02, 2011

Amazingly Stupid Jury

The good news is this guy got convicted for shooting a cop, but what kind of idiots were on the jury?
A Cook County jury Thursday night found a South Side man guilty of aggravated battery with a firearm for shooting and injuring a Chicago Police detective. But jurors weighing in on Bobby Selvie’s case acquitted him of the more serious charge of attempted murder. The jury sent at least one note to Judge Timothy J. Joyce that indicated they were “struggling” with whether “shooting a gun at someone means intent to kill.” [emphasis added]
WTF? Maybe these folks watched too many episodes of The A-Team, where they'd fire several hundred rounds at each other and no one got killed. Once you aim a gun at someone and pull the trigger, you're pretty much committed to the possibility of ending his/her life. Judge Joyce should have sent a reply to the jury saying, "Of course it does, you dumb-asses!"

Let's hope Judge Joyce makes this right during sentencing, putting this guy away for the better part of the 15-60 years his aggravated battery with a firearm conviction demands.

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