Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Optimist

I've never been what anyone would call an optimist. Although I consider myself to be a realist, pessimism ultimately wins out. My theory has always been this: If you expect the worst to happen, you will usually be pleasantly surprised.

This week I've been as optimistic as humanly possible. I've been to the hospital five days straight to see my grandfather, and every day I rejoice in every little bit of progress he makes.

  • Both of his eyes are open.
  • He knows where he is.
  • He ate yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast.
  • He chuckled when I said something funny.
  • They moved him out of ICU.
  • They took the bandage off his head.
  • He's not thrashing his legs about like he did before.
  • His voice is strong enough to yell at the nurse.

If there are any negatives, signs that his progress is slower than expected or that his recovery is in jeopardy, I simply refuse to see them. In fact, if someone "helpfully" mentions any such thing, I will argue vehemently.

Deep inside, I know I am acting contrary to all I have learned in 41 years of living. But now I must be an optimist. I cannot bear the alternative.

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Chris said...

Hang in there man. Every step forward is a step forward.