Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bastard of the Day

I have a Groupon for $30 that expires today at Schuba's Harmony Grill. Usually Groupon offers are still valid after the expiration date for the amount paid, in this case $15. Some say this is at the vendor's discretion, though there are also questions about whether it is legal not to accept them. In fact, Groupon says they must. From a Groupon blog entry:
When a Groupon expires, customers can still redeem for the price they paid for the period of time defined by state law (5 years in Illinois). This is not new; it’s been in our terms of service and in every merchant contract since May of 2009 – when we were six months old and launched in two cities.
So far I've managed to spend every Groupon on time, but for obvious reasons, I haven't had a chance to go there this month. Heck, I haven't even been to Rockwell's since May, and I usually eat there two or more times a week (ditto for my weekly visit to the Corner Bakery).

I just got off the phone with Schuba's Harmony Grill, and they will NOT accept my expired Groupon for the amount paid.

Translation: I just got off the phone with Schuba's Harmony Grill, and those law-breaking bastards will never get a dime of my business.

Congratulations, Schuba's. You turned an opportunity to gain a new customer into a complete loss. Harmony, my ass!

P.S. Thanks to Groupon for crediting my account for the $15 I paid. They do a good job of standing behind their product and ensuring customer satisfaction (another example: when a restaurant closed, Groupon informed me and credited my account). So the good news is that I'm not out any money, but I'm still mad at Schuba's.

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