Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Only Good Thing About Ron Paul

I'm glad kooky Ron Paul is running for president again for one reason (well, two if "more evidence of a pathetically weak Republican field" counts as a reason). In 2008, I told my brother -- and anyone else who would listen -- that I'd sooner vote for RuPaul than Ron Paul. My brother suggested we should deface modify Congressman Paul's campaign signs to show our support for the man woman person who knows how to "work it."

We chickened out in 2008, but now we have another chance! It will be just like "The Adventures of Letterman"* from The Electric Company TV show of my youth (Faster than a rolling 'O', stronger than silent 'E', able to leap capital 'T' in a single bound! It's a word, it’s a's Letterman!). We'll rip 'U's from our varsity sweaters and turn Ron Paul into RuPaul!

What if our editing campaign succeeds, and RuPaul becomes a viable candidate? I'd love to see RuPaul debate Sarah Palin. I think we know who'd have better makeup. You'd never hear RuPaul whining about how that hardball interviewer Katie Couric was trying to trick her, either.

On the subject of Republican presidential candidates, how about Newt? "Mr Gingrich, the nineties just called. They want their angry white male back." Throw in Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, and the Republicans might have to change their name to the Bad Penny Party.

* OMG, I had no idea that was Joan Rivers narrating those skits. But now that I do, it seems so obvious.

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