Saturday, April 23, 2011

Borders Recommends...

Months ago I read a review of a since-forgotten book that favorably mentioned Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz, so I put it on my list. Subtitled Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, it is not the sort of book I normally would purchase or even come across (I rarely browse the Religion section of a bookstore). After searching many Borders bankruptcy sale shelves, I found it last week for about $3.50. Although many other books were calling to me when I got home, I chose to read Blue Like Jazz right away.

Tuesday I got my semiweekly e-mail from Borders Rewards. It starts with a section called "Picked Just for You: Personalized recommendations we think you'll enjoy." Usually they recommend things that I probably would not enjoy, so I have no idea how their system works. seems much better at predicting what I will like based on previous purchases. But this time, the first book listed was Blue Like Jazz! How weird is that? I cannot recall ever getting a recommendation for a book while I was reading it. It's not like they are pushing a new release either; the book came out in 2003.

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