Saturday, March 05, 2011

These Things Come in Threes, Right?

My 21" monitor died Friday night, the last of the great cathode ray tubes. The more I think about it, the bigger a pain in the ass it will be to replace. My entire workstation has been designed around a 20-21" CRT monitor for the past 14 years (a 20" monitor cost $1445 in 1996!). I have a huge desk that takes up a whole corner of a room, with the monitor situated so that its massive body extends into the corner. This space is ideal for a 4:3 screen, not one of those damned widescreens. I hate widescreens, but to get a new monitor in 4:3 costs 2-3 times as much because the rest of the world apparently prefers 16:9. I guess the rest of the world doesn't have a large collection of vertically oriented photographs? Bastards.

Now I'm just staring into a big empty space beyond my laptop, which by the way is not a damned widescreen.

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