Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Prepaid Life

I've already confessed to my book-buying compulsion. Now let's talk about Groupon.

I purchased my first Groupon on July 24, 2010. In eight months, I bought 62 Groupons for $675. I also purchased three half-price bike tune-ups for $147 from another site plus a few offers from Groupon imitators. All told, I've spent about $850 for the promise of roughly $1700 worth of food, drink, books, CDs, magazines, package liquor, etc.

I have redeemed only nine of those 62 Groupon offers thus far, six within a few days of their expiration. Shit, I'm barely keeping up with them. Since my wife and I only dine together twice a week (that's dine, not "go out for dinner" -- and often my wife just wants to relax at home on her days off), I'm going to be hard pressed to use all of these Groupons before they expire. I can knock out the smaller ones by myself, but it's not easy for a single person to spend $40 on dinner. I suppose I could order single malt whiskey and steak, but I have a better idea: I need a Groupon mistress!

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