Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BC2011: Forget It

Now that the Borders bankruptcy sale has reached an appropriate discount level, I have totally blown whatever chance I may have had to win this year's challenge. Granted, this is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing (at least I hope it is), but in the past week I've dropped about $600 I'd rather not say, and at discounts ranging from 46% to 68%, that's a hell of a lot of books. I've chopped more than 40 books off my wish list. This is even worse than the Labor Day sale at Half Price Books that inspired the first Book Challenge (speaking of HPB, I completely ignored their 40-30-20-50 single-item sale last week). The sickest thing is that I plan to visit a few more locations before they close.

Borders still has plenty of books, but the CD selection has been pretty weak. Borders has always charged way too much for new releases, so those weren't worth considering until the discount reached 40%. Alas, the ignorant masses had already gobbled up those $18.99 CDs when they were $15.19 even though Amazon surely had them for less. On top of that, Borders' limited selection and my obscure tastes have never had a lot of overlap. Nevertheless I found Tom Russell's latest at one Borders, and I picked up the Bill Hicks CD/DVD box for about half price. At least Borders has good prices on some older discs. I got a few best-of CDs for under $4, which is dirt cheap even by Amazon standards. I've probably spent about $80 on discs ($20 of that being the aforementioned Bill Hicks box), which is nothing compared to what I've spent on books.

I wish it would freaking warm up around here so I can start bicycling again and stay out of those bookstores!


Jennifer said...

You are not the only one.

Hey, is there a bar inside Book Cellar or something? I was there the other night and noticed the "We Card Hard" sticker on the door.

David Johnsen said...

Yeah, they serve beer and wine in the cafe. I've never eaten there (come to think of it, I've never eaten anything in a bookstore) but I assume the cafe does well considering how much square footage it takes away from books. Hmm, maybe I'll go there for a grilled cheese sandwich some Friday before Easter. I feel guilty about spending so much money at Borders lately.