Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blizzard Food Panic?

On TV last night, reporters were talking to people at grocery stores buying food for the impending blizzard. The aisles were packed with people -- one store owner said he had to call in extra employees. I don't understand it. I went to the store yesterday (my usual shopping day) and only spent about $40. It never occurred to me to buy extra because of the storm.

We always have a week's worth of meals in canned goods (Beefaroni!) plus another week in frozen food (Stouffer's!), not to mention what's in the refrigerator (Mike's Hard Lemonade! Er, I mean Dannon yogurt!). I'm not one of those survivalist types; I just like to have a wide variety of food on hand ( I know I look like the kind of guy who always has plenty of food on hand). In fact, usually we have even more, but I've been cutting back after throwing away too much expired food last year. Is this atypical? Is it the Boy Scout or hoarder in me? I just assumed everybody aside from the poor or broke -- or the people on Seinfeld who IIRC seemed to come home with groceries almost every day -- stocked food like I do.

Best news of the day: my dentist called to cancel my 2PM appointment. I wasn't looking forward to trying to get home from downtown just as the blizzard hits (3PM) along with the people with real jobs whose employers are closing early today. Now I can merely (merrily?) look forward to an evening of shoveling snow.


Anonymous said...

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jen said...

We typically don't have a lot on hand at my place. There's stuff that we could eat if, you know, starvation was at hand, but nothing that could properly be called "meals." Lots of dried pasta, but frequently no sauce. Random cans of chicken noodle soup. At least one frozen pizza at all times. I was also never one to do the stocking-up thing when I lived in Boston, either.

Chris said...

I am so with you. My wife, notsomuch. I can't tell you the level of frustration I feel as I finish off only to realize we don't have *any* more on hand. And it's always -- ALWAYS -- the stuff we eat EVERY DAY. How can this be?