Tuesday, February 08, 2011

BC2011: Mentally Incontinent

Unlike How to be Funny, this book by Joe Peacock is hilarious. In the waning days of 2010, I plucked it out of the Borders bargain bin based on the title, read a few random excerpts and decided to give it a try. Mentally Incontinent is the result of Peacock's web site, where he posts stories and lets visitors edit and vote on them. The book's genre depends on whether the stories are true, which depends on how one interprets this explanation. Fiction or embellished memoir, it doesn't really matter because I was laughing too hard to care. I guess I'd compare it to a modern-day The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, though Mark Twain is probably spinning in his grave as I write this.

The web site features the stories in this book and Peacock's previous self-published volume (also titled Mentally Incontinent), plus other stories that didn't get enough reader votes for inclusion. While I'm working my way through the also-rans, why not check out a few of the stories yourself? Just don't hold me responsible when you spray your coffee all over the keyboard.


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