Monday, January 31, 2011

BC2011: January Totals & Goodbyes

January was a good month for reading. I managed to finish ten books, wrapping up The Big Con around 4PM on the 31st. I purchased more books than I intended because I had many coupons and a Groupon that I had to use this month. At least I got some good deals, including a couple of old Straight Dope books for a buck apiece and an awesome book about the Chicago freight tunnel system for less than half its $55 list price. I also used four Borders and Half Price Books coupons to buy CDs instead of books (I have plenty of free space on my CD rack!).

January Totals: 10 finished, 7 acquired
Year-to-Date Totals: 10 finished, 7 acquired

Now for the second part of Book Challenge 2011, I have to say goodbye to two books that I won't read. They'll go in the pile for the used book store.

Spoiled: The Dangerous Truth About a Food Chain Gone Haywire by Nicols Fox -- This book is 14 years old (I bought it at least five years ago), and I've read more than I care to about this subject already in dozens of AlterNet articles as well as in books like Fast Food Nation. It may be a good book, but I have topic fatigue.

Straight Talk from the Heartland: Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative by Ed Schultz -- I used to listen to Al Franken on Air America when he started out. I read about Schultz in an article about liberal talk radio and picked up this book when I saw it cheap. Now Franken is a U.S. Senator, and I don't listen to talk radio anymore. Schultz also has a show on MSNBC, but I don't have cable. Straight Talk from the Heartland is seven years old, long in the tooth for political commentary. Consequently, I have little interest in what he has to say in this book.


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