Monday, January 24, 2011

BC2011: How to be Funny

I hope most of you don't think I really need a book like this. It wouldn't help much anyway; How to be Funny by Jon Macks is the first dud of BC2011. I bought it because it looked amusing. I was wrong. Parts are funny, but most of the jokes are hackneyed or just plain lame. Much of Macks' advice is iffy at best. The advice drawn from other funny people is better. I don't think being funny is something that can be taught so much as honed -- if you can't grasp what makes something humorous in the first place, a book can't teach you how to riff on it.  On the bright side, at least How to be Funny didn't take long to read.

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Cyndi said...

No Mr. Johnsen - you do not need a book to tell you how to be funny... you should write the book yourself.