Saturday, January 22, 2011

BC2011: The Football Uncyclopedia

My book selection process is like what accountants call LIFO: the last book I acquire tends to be the first that I read. This explains how I have amassed so many unread books. I'll go out and buy a few books, and then I'll start to read one. Then I'll buy another book and start reading that after finishing the previous one. That leaves behind two books that have to fight their way back to the top of the stack. If I buy another book and start reading it, then those books just keep piling up.

I only received two books for Christmas this year, and The Football Uncyclopedia by Michael Kun and Adam Hoff was one of them. Following the LIFO principle, I started reading it before the end of 2010. It is an entertaining, opinionated, and yet informative book.

Although they differ in intent and content (the only commonality is football), I can't help comparing this to a book I read last year with high expectations, The Football Fan's Manifesto by Michael Tunison. That book was rather disappointing and I wouldn't recommend it, but any fan of pro football with a sense of humor should get something out of the The Football Uncyclopedia. There is also a Baseball Uncyclopedia (also co-written by Kun), but I'm not sure my interest in that sport goes deep enough to want to check it out.

Come to think of it, last year I read 23 Ways to Get to First Base: The ESPN Uncyclopedia, and I loved it. It includes a broad range of facts, mostly in the form of lists, from the wide, wide world of sports. Although I don't consider myself a general sports fan (I rarely watch sports except football), I still found the information fascinating, and even the items that didn't interest me were short enough to read quickly.


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