Monday, January 31, 2011

BC2011: Eating the Dinosaur

Chuck Klosterman is one of my favorite authors, and undoubtedly the best pop culture critic of my generation. In Eating the Dinosaur, he compares and contrasts Kurt Cobain and David Koresh. He examines the Unabomber's manifesto for its ideas (setting aside the author's infamy). He ponders success through the eyes of Garth Brooks and his alter-ego Chris Gaines. If you asked me whether I'd be interested in reading about such topics, I'd probably decline, but Klosterman makes them all interesting. He can even write admiringly about things I loathe like ABBA and basketball in a way that holds my attention. If he was single and I had girl parts, I'd have his babies. Okay, maybe that's going a bit too far. But I love his books. Buy all the paperbacks, and you can spell out "C-H-U-C-K-K" on your shelf! (Unfortunately, I bought several of his books in other editions before the publisher started putting letters on the spines.)

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Shaikh Reza said...

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