Monday, November 22, 2010

CFLs for a Song

At Menard's this weekend, I was shocked to see their prices on compact fluorescent light bulbs. First I saw a 3-pack of 60-watt equivalent bulbs "on sale" for $7.77, but that was nothing. Another display had 2-packs of 60-watt equivalents for 49 cents. And an end-cap offered 3-packs of 60-watt equivalents for 74 cents. I bought two of the 3-packs because those were 10,000-hour bulbs whereas the 2-packs were 8,000-hour bulbs.

At prices like these, there is no reason not to install CFLs almost everywhere. Anyone who has been scared off by claims that CFLs burn out faster if you turn lights on and off frequently (which has not been my experience) or that CFLs don't last as long as advertised when installed in confined spaces (a problem I have had with a couple of fixtures) -- get to Menard's now! For a quarter a bulb, you can't lose.

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