Monday, November 01, 2010

Bastard of the Day

This could be for every day, but today and tomorrow especially: the Republican Party. These bastards have done everything they could for the past two years to keep President Obama and the Democratic Party from accomplishing their goals in Congress. And now they are running a sadly successful campaign of claiming that "we gave the Democrats two years and they haven't accomplished anything."

Aside from the inherent bastardry of this tactic, the charge isn't even true. Read Tim Dickinson's article in Rolling Stone titled "The Case for Obama" and discover that he actually has accomplished quite a bit.

To all you liberals and progressives out there: get off your butts November 2 and vote! We cannot allow another weakened presidency like President Clinton had once Gingrich and friends took control. And most importantly, we cannot tolerate those Republican bastards undoing all the positive changes that Obama has made so far. Those fucking teabaggers will be out in force tomorrow. Don't let those bastards destroy this generation's best shot at progressive change.


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