Monday, August 16, 2010

Shocking: Many of Groupon's Bargain Hunters are Cheapskates

A Tribune story about Groupon malcontents says the Chicago Bagel Authority offered $8 vouchers for $3 on Groupon. Owner Greg Gibbs is disappointed that so many Groupon groupies are skinflints:
"We just don't get the kind of customer that we want to come back," said Gibbs, who saw patrons put items back if their total exceeded $8. "It's a lot of people that come once for the discount, nobody tips, and they're all trying to squeeze it into the exact dollar amount."
Knowing how Groupon works, how could business owners be surprised? When you offer such an extreme discount on your product, you're going to attract a lot of people who are only interested because it's cheap.

Articles like this will only worsen the situation. After reading how unprepared some business owners are for the Groupon onslaught, I'm much more likely to use my Groupons sooner than later for fear of the restaurant or store going out of business. But if these businesses start seeing 50% of redemptions within the first month instead of 20%, then they'll really be overwhelmed.

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