Monday, August 30, 2010

Rolling in Dough

About a month ago, I decided to place Google AdSense on this blog and other content (the homepage and my 2007 vacation). After 634 "page impressions" (i.e., times ads have appeared on my pages for visitors), someone finally clicked on one of the ads! I've earned a whopping eight cents, which is like paying myself four cents an hour for the time I spent putting the code for those ads on my pages. Best of all, I only need to earn $99.92 more to get a check from Google. At this rate, I can expect that check in 2022.

Despite the underwhelming response, I still plan to add ads to my other, more popular sites eventually. If I play my cards right, maybe I can hasten my payday to 2016!

Speaking of recent blog enhancements, I now know that nothing I write is particularly funny, interesting, or cool, based on the dearth of clicks on those little boxes. I thought it would be funny or interesting or maybe even cool to have those check boxes like other blogs, but I guess I was wrong. I suppose I'll leave them up for another month or two.


Jen said...

I am so not brave enough to have checkboxes for my blog posts.

David Johnsen said...

It's no big deal if you use the defaults since they are positive. True bravery would be offering check boxes like "dumb" or "boring" or "complete waste of time!"