Monday, August 30, 2010

Bastard of the Day

I've been trying to ignore Glenn Beck for a long time though he's been practically begging to be named Bastard of the Day. So what finally put me over the edge? This: "I have no desire to be president of the United States. Zero desire."

While this statement increased global warming from the collective sigh of relieved liberals across the country, I also see it in a different light. Beck criticizes President Obama all day, every day, but when he is challenged to take on the responsibility himself, he backs down. What a fucking coward.

Granted, a President Beck would be as likely to fix our country's problems as the Wizard of Oz or Don Quixote. His first problem would be that he doesn't understand the real problems. But there are two kinds of people in America, people who bitch about everything and people who want to try to fix it. By shrugging off public office, Beck clearly has aligned himself with the former.

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