Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bastard of the Day

I've been fairly happy with my Verizon cellular service over the past six years. It's expensive, but it works well most of the time. Today's bastard, however, is the lying salesman at the local authorized Verizon dealer where we bought new phones about a month ago.

I've been having trouble with inconsistent charging on my new phone (a heavy-duty but no-frills Motorola flip-phone). Sometimes it stays charged for a week, but often it discharges completely in one day even when I don't make any calls. My previous two phones usually lasted a week, sometimes more, between recharges. I don't necessarily expect my new phone's charge to last that long, but one day is ridiculously short.

I went back to the dealer to ask what's going on and whether I need a new battery or a new phone. The clerk, who wasn't the same guy who sold us our phones, replied, "It's normal to recharge every day. Cell phone batteries only last for six hours." Bullshit! He stuck to this line even when I reiterated that my battery discharges completely in a day even when I make no calls. If batteries only lasted six hours, everyone would have to recharge their phones at work just to get through a standard workday!

I told him about my previous phone's performance, and he said, "Well, phone and battery technology is changing all the time." Huh? So in the three years since I last upgraded, technology has actually gone backward? Really?

He gave me a phone number to get a warranty replacement, but I'll be seeking a second opinion first.

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