Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Folkers in the Neighborhood

Of the many cultural resources in this great city that I virtually ignore, the Old Town School of Folk Music is the closest to my home. I've been to only one concert there, which was excellent, but that was about a decade ago. I've missed out on at least a dozen great shows because they were sold out long before I got wind of them. Why don't I check their Web site more frequently? I also have thought about taking classes there from time to time, but my lack of coordination dashes any dreams of playing a musical instrument competently (just ask the four unfortunate, aurally scarred people who heard me play electric guitar as a teenager). So the Old Town School goes on being a venerable and probably wonderful place without me.

Anyway, they are expanding to a new building across the street. Now there will be two buildings full of interesting musical things in my neighborhood that I'll probably continue to ignore.

This is not a post against the Old Town School. As I said, my sole experience there was great. It's not even really about my own failure to enjoy my own neighborhood. It's mostly just an excuse for the title pun referring to guitar-toting students walking past my house.

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