Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long in the Making, Woefully Underwhelming

This morning I opened a new section of called "America in Pictures."

The project began in 2003 when I visited the 48 contiguous United States in one year. My objective was to combine photos from all of my travels and organize them by state, creating individual pages for towns, parks, roadside sights, etc. I started with my cross-country bike trip since those photos were already prepared for the Web. Then I plowed through hundreds more, editing and sorting them by state. I uploaded everything I had, but I didn't think it was ready to go live yet. So all my hard work sat invisibly on a Web server for seven years without any links from the outside world.

What changed today? Nothing, really. I still don't consider it to be ready for release, much less anywhere near finished or up-to-date. But since I started adding Google AdSense ads everywhere, I thought it would be wise to make use of the pages I've already created. Besides, since most traffic will come from people searching for something specific rather than people who want to see photos from all over the U.S., the whole thing doesn't have to be "ready" to be worth putting online.

Right now, you can see pictures from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington state. Check out Texas to see the best expression thus far of my vision. There are many more photos uploaded that I have not linked to yet. What gets added next and when depends on whether I'm feeling industrious or lazy; I wouldn't expect much if I were you.

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