Friday, July 02, 2010

Cyrillic Spammers

Why is my blog being spammed in Cyrillic? It's especially strange that this local post about Illinois and Cook County politics has attracted dozens of Russian advertisements. After weeks of trying to stay on top of the problem by deleting the obnoxious comments, today I finally "fixed" the problem by turning off comments for that post. I hope legitimate commenter Jennifer wasn't subscribing to follow-up comments (and if she was, I'm very, very sorry for all the garbage she's been receiving lately).

Note: Other posts have been heavily spammed, but they sometimes attract legitimate comments so I'm not turning off commenting (sub-note: before someone suggests it, let me say that I do not want to moderate comments on the entire blog). Oddly enough, what is by far the most popular page of my blog -- even more popular than the freaking index! -- has not attracted spammers among its 263 comments.


Jennifer said...

Yeah I was, but it wasn't any worse than all those ads from Time Out: Chicago several times a day.

Anonymous said...

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