Monday, May 03, 2010

Record Store Day: Good Idea, Awful Execution

I'm late blogging about this, but April 17 was Record Store Day. Many artists released special products in limited editions to promote/celebrate the occasion. Since the Drive-By Truckers were releasing a special 7" vinyl single (!), I headed down to Laurie's Planet of Sound hoping to get a copy. Although I arrived 15 minutes before they opened, there was already a long line.

To make a long story short (for once), I waited in line for over an hour with a bunch of damned hipsters. When I finally got into the store, a clerk announced that they were sold out of the following... And proceeded to rattle off maybe 30 releases. Naturally, DBT was one of them.

Obviously the manufacturers deserve most of the blame for Record Store Day being complete bullshit. They press ridiculously limited quantities of product and ship too few copies to each store. But I blame my store, too. First of all, the only limit was "one of each item per person." If there are only five of each item to begin with, how long will that supply last? Okay, so the first 20 hipsters scarfed up all the good stuff. Then with so many items sold out, somebody should have informed those of us waiting outside. I wasted more than an hour of my time and didn't get a damned thing. Is that supposed to make me feel good about my local record store?

Before I participated in Record Store Day, I genuinely wanted to support my local record shop. In fact, I make a point of buying new releases there even though I know they are much cheaper at But Record Store Day just pissed me off. So screw 'em. The new Hold Steady CD is coming out soon, and I'm not going to buy it from Laurie's. And I'll never "celebrate" another Record Store Day.

Long live independent record stores. Fuck Record Store Day.

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