Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not Depressed

Some people would say that I'm depressed, that I should seek professional help, and/or that I should be taking medication. Those people are missing the point.

First, I'm not depressed. Hell, just yesterday I took the dog for a walk, and according to the anti-depressant TV commercials, depressed people don't walk their dogs.

Second, I have no respect for the psychology field. I know too many psychology majors who are total head cases trying to figure out their own problems while professing to help others. It's at least 90% bullshit anyway.

Finally, I am strongly anti-pharmaceutical. Everybody wants to take a pill to feel better these days. Just because it's available by prescription doesn't make it any less a mind-altering drug than LSD or Ecstasy. I think I'd rather not live at all than live in that state.

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