Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Vacation Shot in the Ass

Aside from a quick overnight to Missouri, we haven't been on a vacation since June 2007. I've planned numerous trips, many to the point just before making reservations, but something always comes up. Most of the time it involves the dogs. So as my wife's month-long vacation approaches, I should have figured something would happen.

Longtime readers may recall Rosco's ACL surgery in March 2005 (or more likely recall his near-biting of Governor Blagojevich a month later). At the time, some people told us that dogs often need the opposite knee done within 6-12 months. I suppose we're lucky that Rosco made it five years, but now he's 12 years old and needs another $3,000 operation.

The little bastard had better live to be 18 so we get our money's worth. I'm counting on him being too ornery to die.

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