Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Success, Mostly

Well, here I am. I couldn't use the migration tool because I was jumping from to, but it was shockingly easy to do it myself by changing Blogger's publishing settings. For now, I have moved to with my old template. I will probably update the template soon (not tonight), so don't be shocked if things look a bit different next time.

I was unable to set up a "missing files host" (again because I was jumping from one domain to another instead of just going to a subdomain at, so I think blog entries with photos will be broken. Since I haven't posted many photos here, I'm not worried about it.

I still have to update my own Web pages with the new blog address. This may take a while because my Web editor got wiped out with my laptop hard drive. Although I have the file to reinstall, the registration info is inside an Outlook e-mail file and, yep, I lost Outlook as well. The software (Namo WebEditor) was several years old, so I may just buy something new instead. I need something more robust than a mere HTML editor, but I think something like Dreamweaver would be overkill (in features and price). Any recommendations?

As part of severing the blog's connection to my business, I am also brainstorming a new blog name. Suggestions are welcome, but try to keep them clean enough that I'm not embarrassed to tell my mom.

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Jen said...

Congrats! And I will update my link!