Friday, May 01, 2009

Buy Indie Day!

I happened to be walking along Lincoln Avenue today when I heard the siren song of The Book Cellar. Their chalkboard sign was in the foyer because of the rain, but I noticed it said today is Buy Indie Day, a celebration of independent booksellers.

Well, shoot. I wasn't going to buy anything, but how could I walk out empty-handed on Buy Indie Day? Besides, I already feel like a schmuck for annually missing Record Store Day.

I always find interesting things on the front tables at The Book Cellar, and today was no exception. With two paperbacks in hand, I rushed toward the register before my brain could rationalize just a peek at the shelves, which would have wiped out the slim margin I built last month in Book Challenge 2009. As a bonus, I got to say hi to owner Suzy T for the first time in many months.

Current tally: 35 books finished, 31 books acquired

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