Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Book-Buying Bender

I did pretty well with my resolution in January, and I made it through almost half of February, too. I was up by six books. But this weekend, circumstances conspired to ruin me. First, Half Price Books sent an e-mail offering 20% off their entire stock for Valentine's Day weekend. Then my wife went somewhere with her mom and left me the car.

Had I stopped after Friday night's visit to Half Price Books in Bloomingdale, I would have been okay. My worst crime was purchasing a thick book that I may never read from cover to cover. I've decided not to count anything that is purely for reference like dictionaries, the World Almanac, price guides, etc. since virtually no one would read such a book from cover to cover, but this book didn't quite fit that definition. Anyway, I bought four books, but I was still ahead by two for the year.

But then came Saturday morning. My wife was still asleep, the car was available, and I hadn't been to Half Price Books in Highland Park in a couple of months. Soon I was speeding north on the Edens Expressway. I only found one book there, and although it didn't justify the drive, at least I still had a positive balance with one more book finished than acquired. On the way home, I stopped at the Corner Bakery for a bacon & cheddar (& scrambled egg) breakfast panini, just minutes before they switched to the lunch menu. But the Corner Bakery is in the same mall complex as... another Half Price Books location. There I bought four more books and put myself deep in the hole resolution-wise.

Gotta go, I've got some reading to do...

Current tally: 15 books finished, 18 books acquired

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