Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, Crap! I&M Canal Trail Damage

A visitor to Dave's Bicycling Pages recently asked me for tire advice for Illinois' two historic canal trails, the Hennepin and the Illinois & Michigan. He rode those trails on May 28-29. Although he enjoyed the Hennepin, the I&M was a bit too damp. Worst of all, he encountered this just east of Utica:

With all the flood damage in the region and Illinois short of money, who knows when IDNR will get this repaired? According to their Web site, the Tunnel Hill State Trail still isn't completely open, and that damage dates back to mid-March 2008.


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The two washouts on the I & M Canal Trail (east of Utica and Seneca)were supposed to be fixed by June, 2010 according to the League of Illinois Bicyclists.