Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flakes on a Train

Here's some news from a Metra train headed for Aurora yesterday:
CLARENDON HILLS - Two men who missed their Metra stop in a western suburb Saturday opened the doors of the train they were riding in and jumped, injuring themselves.
What were they thinking? Must have been a couple of punk kids, right? Nope. These guys were 56 and 68 years old! Then the question becomes how, as in, how have people this stupid lived for so many decades? More incredibly, while I wouldn't rule out alcohol completely, it was 11 AM so they were probably sober.

But here's the kicker. I've been on that particular train before (10:30 AM BNSF, Chicago Union Station to Aurora). It is a local train, which means it stops at almost every station. The stations on the BNSF are so close together that the train rarely gets up to speed before hitting the brakes for the next stop. These guys were found four blocks west of the Clarendon Hills station. But the next stop, Westmont, is only 1.1 miles west of Clarendon Hills. If these guys were fit enough to jump out of a moving train, surely they could have walked 1.1 miles back to Clarendon Hills from Westmont!

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