Friday, February 08, 2008

Eric Zorn, Please Change the Subject!

I understand that the concept of Chicagoans reserving shoveled-out street parking with old furniture must be fascinating to a Michigan native, but you've milked the subject for far too many Chicago Tribune columns and "Change of Subject" blog entries* over the years. And while the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky probably takes some pride in being "Mr. TIF" (though I may be the only person who refers to him by that name), I don't think you want to be known as "Mr. Dibs." Let's move on...

EZ, you were right about the above illustration coming in handy!

On the other hand, I like the first sentence of your "Bootlegging H2O" entry:

We don't go through a lot of bottled water at the Zorns, really -- Chicago tap water is plenty potable, just not particularly portable.
Nice alliteration. Alas, the right wingers had a field day commenting on that post with their peculiar belief that "liberals" are supposed to love all taxes and pay them with glee. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

* The Google search includes some other uses of dibs, but the majority of the results relate to this topic.

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