Friday, February 01, 2008

DJWriter's Endorsement for President

Over at the Huffington Post, Bob Cesca says, "It's Time For Progressive Bloggers To Choose A Candidate." After all, there are only two candidates left now, and they will most likely continue duking it out through the remainder of primary season. Besides, the Illinois primary is Tuesday.

I was impressed with Bill Richardson's broad, balanced credentials, but he's long gone. I was impressed with Dennis Kucinich's staunch progressivism (besides, he was our best hope for a really hot First Lady), but he never had a prayer. I was impressed with John Edwards' populist position against corporatism and his willingness to discuss class (America's 800-pound gorilla), but damnit, he's gone, as well. <insert rant about our broken primary system here>

Now the race is down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Unlike a lot of men, I don't have anything personal against Hillary (and as a First Lady, she was much more interesting than Stepford Laura). But Bill had a problem (I'm not talking about infidelity), and by all accounts, Hillary shares it: triangulation, a willingness to move toward the right to win votes. Bill sold out the Democratic Party's traditional core values with initiatives like welfare reform and NAFTA. Hillary is likely to do more of the same, but after the destruction wrought upon our nation by the current administration, we need something more than centrist triangulation. I am also disturbed by the dynastic implications -- including George H.W.'s tenure as VP, there has been a Bush or a Clinton in the White House since I was 10 years old!

So that leaves Obama. I think he is our best shot at real change. We need somebody to set this ship back on course. We need somebody to shake things up because this is not the America we want or deserve. Obama has the ability to stir up the people, and Americans need some stirring these days. I hate to invoke JFK, but remember how he called Americans to service? Bush's election and especially his re-election show that too many Americans have become apathetic. If any candidate can re-engage Americans with their country, Obama can.


Fritz said...

I think Obama's the man, too. It'll be him and Hillary this Tuesday.

Fritz said...

I just noticed from your sidebar that you're a published author. Illinois is more varied than most people imagine, but doesn't this description from your publisher seem like an exaggeration? "No state has more varied terrain for the cyclist than Illinois."

David Johnsen said...

Although I wouldn't have made such a claim, it isn't that much of an exaggeration. Other cyclists have told me (unsolicited) that Illinois has everything except high mountains and that it is vastly underrated as a cycling destination.

Besides, the description is really ad copy. Making a bold statement is a classic advertising tactic. The reader thinks, Really? Then he/she flips through the book and finds that Illinois is much more than just a big city surrounded by cornfields. Even if the reader ultimately disagrees with the bold statement, he/she has taken a closer look at the book and might buy it.

Freewheel said...

I think your analysis shows that there was a good group of candidates this time around. I'd also like to see President Obama. What a change that would be!