Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bastard of the Day

Today's award goes to the useless bastards at Pizzeria Aroma. How is their food? Don't ask me. Those bastards refused to deliver it.

Even though their Web site shows a delivery area that includes our house, someone called me five minutes after I ordered and claimed, "We never go west of Western." I argued that their Web site says they do (it clearly shows that they deliver to California, four blocks west of Western). He said, "Sorry, we're way too busy tonight to make any exceptions." Damn it, I'm not asking for an exception. I checked your delivery area before I called. Why bother publishing a delivery area if it's wrong?

Pizzeria Aroma, you stink. You will never get another chance to get my business, you bastards.

UPDATE 02/26/2008 - They charged my credit card, too! I called them and fortunately they remembered my situation and said they'd credit my account.

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