Friday, January 18, 2008

Tummy Ache

Was it the eight warm, butter-slathered rolls I ate at lunch?
Was it the serving of lasagna thicker than War and Peace?
Was it the two glasses of fine single-malt Scotch?
Was it the minestrone soup or the lemon Italian ice?

No, I think it was the 64-ounce "Double Gulp" of Coca-Cola from 7-11 that I drank in record time after I got home. But once this passes, I'll need a refill...

UPDATE - I'm not sure what's sicker -- that I wanted to drink an entire gallon of fountain Coke today, or that I was willing to walk three quarters of a mile in the cold, wind, and snow to get it (don't tell me to buy bottles or cans for home -- the only Coke I like is fountain Coke; otherwise I drink Diet Rite). At least I saved 44 cents by refilling my original cup.

Geez, it's no wonder I weigh a gazillion pounds these days.

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