Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pro-Choice Water?

A few minutes ago, I got one of those loathesome automated political campaign calls. But this one was rather perplexing. A woman who described herself as a nurse (I think she gave her name, but I forgot it) wanted me to know that Mariyana Spyropoulos supports a woman's right to choose. Okay, I was already planning to vote for her anyway since she has picked up some meaningful endorsements.

But wait a minute... Spyropoulos is running for commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. So I have to ask... What does abortion have to do with wastewater treatment, and why should that affect my vote? Frankly, that phone call is giving me second thoughts -- why are Spyropoulos supporters so desperate that they are dragging a completely irrelevant hot-button issue into the campaign? It's too bad the call was a recording because I really wanted to ask that nurse what her point was.

UPDATE 02/04/2008 - Today we got another automated call reminding us of Spyropoulos' position on abortion! After a weekend of reflection since the first call, it still didn't seem even remotely relevant.

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