Friday, January 11, 2008

Duh! Don't Leave Your GPS on the Dashboard

CBS Channel 2 ran this as their third story on the 10:00 news:
One of the most popular gifts for the holiday season turns out to be a very "hot item" targeted by thieves. Global positioning systems hang from a windshield or sit up on a dashboard. They're easy picking for gadget thieves. Since the first of the year, police in Aurora have had nine reports of stolen GPS units.
Do people really need to be told this? I bought a radar detector 20 years ago, and even as an innocent, far-west-suburban teenager, I knew better than to leave it attached to the windshield when I left the car. I suppose nowadays people are so distracted by their other personal electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc.) that they can't be bothered to consider that somebody might want to steal the compact, expensive hunk of technology sitting on the dashboard. Thank goodness Channel 2 is here to remind them.

But there was more shocking info to come:
Police say mall parking lots are perfect places to get away with the crime.
People break into cars at shopping malls? Hmm, I knew that 20 years ago as well (coincidentally, my local mall back then was the same one mentioned in the story). And yet, this was supposedly the third most important "news" that Channel 2 had to share with viewers tonight. I suppose it's better than telling us about Hillary Clinton's tears, Barack Obama's middle name, or John Edwards' haircut.

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