Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pigeon Feeder Dies

The "Pigeon Man of Lincoln Square" is dead, struck by a van at Devon & McCormick. As a Lincoln Square resident, I saw him feeding pigeons around Lawrence & Western many times. Frankly, I will not miss the man, despite whatever "character" he gave the neighborhood. Whenever I had to run the gauntlet of fat birds and shit, I wanted to yell at him to stop feeding the little bastards. But then I felt a little sorry for him, figuring he was a lonely old man if he had only pigeons for friends (and even then, he had to bribe them with food). I guess I'm in the minority, according to the Tribune's always-brilliant commenters, but I hate f***ing pigeons. As far as I'm concerned, they are the carp of the sky, an abundant nuisance.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not happy that the Pigeon Man is dead, especially since the inattentive bastard in the van could have just as easily killed me or any other pedestrian (or cyclist). And I believe the people who write of his kindness and compassion, misplaced though it was. But they want to erect a statue in his honor? They are getting teary-eyed because they'll miss dodging pigeons and their shit on the sidewalk? I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

It goes to show your shallowness deeper than the scalpel that accidentally pierced your mother's womb during labor & left a laceration invisible to the naked eye, yet visible to those who read your blogs. Whether they're pigeons, cats, or rats; it's about the person that you are extremely opinionated about & the ignornace speaks for itself. It states clearly, that it is just that; your opinion. You never had a conversation with the "Pigeon Man" therefore what can you declare that is not considered hear-say? What is the difeerence between DJWriter & my teenage sister gossiping about her best friend turning into a Jerry Springer slut? You know the answer because my sister's best firend is Sara Johnsen (ring a bell) You are not a true writer, just a free-lance copywriter who does not investigate or research his subjects. Someone that makes bland statements that are not even considered by someone with a higher degree of capability.
The level of ignorance stands out immensely, so what's the purpose of purchasing a book on bike trails? Oh I get it, it's a discrete way to catch pedophiles & predators...

David Johnsen said...

I knew I'd take some heat for this blog entry. You should have seen my first draft.

I love anonymous commenters. At least I stand behind my words with my name. Gutless bastard.

Extremely opinionated? This is a blog, for goodness' sake. What did you expect? If you disagree, GYODB.

Hear-say? I didn't hear anybody say anything. I just wrote what I thought in the first person. I never claimed to do research (although I did, in fact). What do you think this is, Encyclopædia Britannica?

Sara Johnsen? Nope, that doesn't ring a bell. Maybe you should do more research. And get a spellchecker while you're at it.

David Johnsen said...

One more thing... If you think freelance copywriters don't research their subjects, then you don't know anything about copywriting.

Anonymous said...

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