Monday, December 10, 2007

News Items

  • 2 shot in north suburban pizza parlor robbery - I've consumed a ridiculous quantity of pizza in my lifetime, so I always read stories with headlines like this just to see if it's somewhere I've been. This shooting occurred at the Silo on Illinois 176 (Rockland Road), and yes, I've been there (you can even take a bike path there, though I didn't). The Silo looks cool, but I didn't think the pizza was good enough to go back again.
  • Surinamese authorities probe trap-death of Peace Corps aide from Illinois - This just sucks. A 25-year-old woman was killed when she accidentally set off an animal trap that was rigged with a gun. She got shot in the thigh, and she bled to death before she could get help. I was surprised to read that more than 260 Peace Corps volunteers have died since the program began nearly half a century ago under JFK, and this woman is the fourth this year. I guess that number isn't so shocking when you consider that more than 187,000 people have served in the Peace Corps (in countries with poor health care, dirty water, tropical diseases, etc.), but still... These are people with huge hearts just trying to help people get basic human needs -- it's karmically unjust for them to die in the process.
  • Big-box store, hotel plans still in running for downtown Oak Park - The novel thing about this big-box store is that it will be underground. The article doesn't mention it, but Oak Park officials have also floated a $1 billion plan to bury the Eisenhower Expressway in their town. I'm imagining an entire subterranean city with highways, ramps, parking lots, stores, etc.
  • Tour rumors swirl on Led Zeppelin eve - Will Led Zeppelin play Bonnaroo? Sorry, I don't care. There was a brief time about 17 years ago when I actually liked those vastly overrated and chronically overplayed mystical goofballs, around the time their four-disc box set was the hottest thing on CD (still a relatively new medium at the time). "Kashmir" was one of my favorite songs for a while. But I got over them.
  • Nun Reads List of Curse Words to Kids - When I saw this headline, I pictured George Carlin wearing a habit!

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