Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

I've been in an Old 97's mood lately so here's another one, "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)" from Fight Songs (1999). See if you can guess what it's about:

And the hole
In the screen is barely big enough for you
And not near enough for me to go
And the whole damn complicated
Situation could've been
Avoided if I'd only shut the window

And I may be leavin' myself open
To a murder or a heart attack
But I'm leavin' the back door open
'Til you come back, 'til you come back
And I may be movin' myself closer
To a real untimely end
But I'm leavin' the back door open
'Til you come home again, 'til you come home again
It's about lead singer Rhett Miller losing his roommate's cat! It seems obvious from the lyrics now that I know, but for years I had no clue. I thought maybe his girlfriend got mad and left him because he forgot to close the window. Relationships have fallen apart for dumber reasons.

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