Thursday, December 20, 2007

Astronaut's Mom: No Rocket Scientist

As astronaut Daniel Tani orbited the Earth in the International Space Station yesterday, his mother was doing something supremely stupid down below:
Police said Rose Tani was stopped at railroad tracks on Elizabeth Street behind a school bus carrying students from her son's alma mater when she honked her horn, then went around the bus and past a lowered crossing gate... Police said a westbound Union Pacific train heading from Illinois to California slammed into Rose Tani's 1998 Honda Civic about 3 p.m. and pushed it 50 to 100 feet before coming to rest on the tracks.
Now, in the midst of what is probably the most fantastic experience of his life, Daniel Tani must grieve. The incident surely scarred the train engineer as well, not to mention the kids who watched from the school bus. And it was completely avoidable.

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Jennifer said...

I saw the footage of everyone grieving and talking about how he's stuck up in space for almost a year and how hard it must be, and all I can think is "How could a mother do that to her son?" A genuine accident would be one thing, but that stunt she tried to pull? Unacceptable.